The suburb API method allows only HTTP Post actions at this moment in time. The HTTP Post should be used for all fresh inserts, but recommended to be only used when a consignment HTTP Post or Put returns error 1005 or 1006 (Suburb does not exist)


Allows you to insert a new suburb into your TransVirtual database.

Request Properties

Property Name Required Description
Suburb Yes The suburb name you require to be inserted
Postcode Yes The corresponding postcode for this suburb
State The state (or province) is optional, but HIGHLY recommended if your suburb is associated
Country Yes The country name must be the full country name, else error 1106 will be returned

Response Properties

The response properties for the HTTP Post will be empty

Example Post

Request (json)
Response (json)

Error Codes

Error Code Description
1101 Suburb already exists
1102 Unknown error - report if this persists
1103 Suburb field missing
1104 Postcode field missing
1105 Country field missing
1106 Invalid country name